GloPoWriMo#28 The Final Breakaway

“Calavera Cyclists” Jose Guadeloupe Posada

Death is not an exit,
it’s a starting point.
The opening stretch of
a cross-country bike event.

Brutal uphill climb,
our skeletons as cyclists
pedaling without helmets
through rough forest paths.

An after-life peloton, all of us
vying to be first to the prize:
what’s on the other side
of life’s finish line.

Skeletons can draft for days.
Stripped of religion and race,
all the same:

bare bones confused

and as the steep climb continues,
we forget the details
of our own face.

Until our frame is ready
to make it’s final breakaway.

ยฉ2023 | K. Hartless

GloPoWriMo#28 This was written for Late Night Poet’s May 5th show honoring the art of Jose Guadeloupe Posada.


  1. […] GloPoWriMo#30: Today, Iโ€™d like to challenge you to write a palinode โ€“ a poem in which you retract a view or sentiment expressed in an earlier poem. I thought it would be fun to double down on this idea and retract not only my previous poem, but tonight’s poem as well. Tonight’s musings: Death is a Pendulum Ride and my earlier work:ย The Final Breakaway […]


  2. I read this after I read “Death is a Pendulum Ride” and they really work so well together. The idea of exploring death as either this bare bones fast paced trip or simply as a quick slip away is very interesting.

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