GloPoWriMo #26 What is the votive?

Artwork by Marcel Caram
What is the wick that lights the sun
leaves the desert baked brown by noon?

What is the man who riches struck
will have none for pride is his boon?

What is the candle that burns on
in forgiveness but will not warm the glum?

What is the sconce that glows alone 
despite the lack of true companions?

What is the prayer once begun
without the comfort of the rosary?

What is the dreamer in uniform 
vaporized by sandy dunes?

©2023 | K. Hartless

GloPoWriMo#26: I went rogue today and wrote a poem inspired by the surreal art of Michael Cham


  1. I didn’t ‘get’ most of these , K, but as a good old catholic boy I connected with the rosary; there was a time when I carried a pair with me wherever I went and another pair of beads on the inner rear view mirror of the car; then something happened, not at once , over time ””

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