GloPoWriMo #20 Everything Will Kill You

"Golden arches everywhere," Darvia mused.

"Selcouth...It must be a ubiquitous sign," her young protege Zerb chimed.

"A sacred portal?" 

"A monument to an ineffable truth?" 

"A shine, built to honor their most sacred divine?

"Perhaps..." Darvia smiled and mused.  

"Why else would there be one

at every intersecting transportation line?" 

 Zerb looked with all sixteen eyes

at his mentor waiting for her to explain.

Meanwhile, minuscule vessels lurched,

looped in a never-ending line.

Zerb continued his powers of deduction. 

"Are they waiting to pray?"

"Tithe their almighty creator?"

"Jump galaxies?"

"Calm down,  Zerb. All will be revealed in time."

As the ship drew near 

the glowering yellow sign,

a hatch opened wide.

A closer smell revealed 

to both visitors

the true quiddity of the arched spell.

"I detect sugar, lard, processed edibles."

A bag of what will kill you

 passed through window.

"It's a trough for the planet's swine," Darvia held her nose.

The gluttony of the species,


©2023 | K. Hartless

GloPoWriMo #20: Today, I’d like to challenge you to answer that question in poetic form, exploring a particular object or place from the point of view of some far-off, future scientist? The object or site of study could be anything from a “World’s Best Grandpa” coffee mug to a Pizza Hut, from a Pokemon poster to a cellphone.

And for a little bit of extra fun on this Friday-eve…


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