GloPoWriMo #14  Grande Verole

Tonight’s poem is in response to a poster I found by Catalan artist Ramon Casas’ which recently auctioned for over two million dollars. If you feel inspired by this art nouveau, please join me in penning 50 words or less. Also, please consider entering your words in my April Brevity Contest on AllPoetry.

Budding April, 
the great intimidator, 
spreads its rash of blooms
itchy and reddish-pink.

A virulent prostitute, 
she unbuttons her blouse 
flashes one soft peak, 
moist and curvy.

Her scaly stigma swings,
achingly alluring 
to the drone buzz,
sores concealed with makeup.

She’s ready to sting 
and share her feverish scurvy.

©2023 | K. Hartless

I heard this song for the first time today, and what a lucky pairing for me with today’s poem.


  1. Powerful verses, K! Especially your depiction of an enticing temptress with her ‘sores concealed with makeup’ ready to ensnare her next prey. Brilliantly penned 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much for writing a beautiful poem for the art I just purchased. 🙏🏻😆 It is a gorgeous poster, but two million is a bit much! The song is a lovely complement to your post. Love when songs show up like that!


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