GloPoWriMo #1 Candy Saturdays

Nibble on the noose
tied around the cherry tree.
Boss’ taffy shoes

Come into the candy house.
Shop subconscious memories.
Broken childhood crisps.
Stretched taffy fantasies.

Swirled senseless
Kaleidoscopic envy.
Heart and head combine in tempting

Come into the candy house.
Behind chocolate bars
stuffed with horehound;
pass perversion ‘round.

Drip honey
on forbidden fruits.
Cliffside mansion, caramel

Striped prisoner for the
jelly bean jollies.
The mind’s lust, a chewy

Come into the candy house.
Fudge it up on purpose.
Dirty gumdrop dealings.
Pull the brittle trigger.

Destroy the mind’s decency.

GLoPoWriMo#1 Here we go again.

Today’s task: write a poem inspired by a book cover This book is next on my reading list. I’m as excited by it’s cover as I am by it’s premise, so I let the ideas swirl to create this verse.

The premise: In the future, subconscious memories can be reactivated, experienced, and shared.


  1. Wonderfully sweet verses, K! 🙂 Especially ‘Broken childhood crisps / Stretched taffy fantasies’ and ‘Drip honey / on forbidden fruits’ – magically delicious poetry! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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