Love Needs Translation

The Mall by Phade 1

Greetings Readers,

Many of you know about my stories centered on a strip-mall in the future. I’m so pleased to announce that one of these stories, “Love Needs Translation” has been published today on Fictionary. A huge thank you to Editor Akanksha Roy for not only finding my story worthy of publication, but providing me with wonderful feedback on my craft as well. What a treat!

I would be honored if you found time to visit Fictionary and read my latest, published short, “Love Needs Translation.” And to get you in the mood for this lighter, more humorous tale, there’ s none better than Foreigner and perhaps his cheesiest hit from 1984.

Listen first, read later, maybe?


  1. Wonderful engrossing futuristic story – you make the close friendship between Rawa and Lola so tangible through their banter and mutual support ๐Ÿ™‚

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