Narrow Marrow

She’s new, so you know, go easy on her.

Happy Wednesday!

“Flickering Soul 2” Enkel Dika

Narrow Marrow

My heart is the Babyn Yar,
a cursed ravine,
site of a massacre.

Insanity overgrown,
a feral place,
lost loves piled
in a mass grave.

First, their leather baggage.
Then, their leather shoes.

Their clothes in piles
of sordid memory,
undergarments, boots,
a malicious menagerie.

My heart is the Babyn Yar,
lie down on a stranger
await machine gun fire.

Layer upon layer,
skin upon skin,
bullied by a bullet, but
nothing makes a dent

in that cursed place
without a landmark
or monument.

In a kaleidoscope of lies,
I am the blackest butterfly.

© 2023 | K. Hartless

Laura Veirs “Black Butterfly” 2007


  1. Deeply heartfelt poem for an untaught dark chapter of recent history – you’ve penned such a poignant tribute to this shameful massacre & the individual fragments of their lives snatched away. It’s so important that we keep raising awareness of such horrific crimes lest they be repeated.


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