Rope ‘Um, Ghangam Style

TGIFriday! Flashback Track Friday #109 asked us to share a song, poem, story, etc that at first we did not understand. My mind immediately went to this addictive track, I can honestly say I still had no idea about it’s meaning until I decided to look it up and see for myself.

In all reality, the song is a satire poking fun at Seoul’s wealthiest district, “Gangnam.”  (Who knew?!?)

And, the word “Oppa,,” which I was convinced was Rope ‘Um actually means “older brother” in Korean. The catchy chorus is the equivalent of your guy having “Gangnam Style.” Which as you can guess, is a good thing.

Enjoy! And, if you’re feeling inspired to join in the fun, be sure to check out Flashback Track #110 for another flashback and creative invitation.

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