Holding on by a Haiku

Everything about this past month has been challenging, including keeping up with schedules, like my monthly post of favorite micropoetry. Forgive me, readers. I am that person with thirty browsers open right now, attempting four tasks simultaneously. It’s a bad habit. I know.

Even the challenge words for this month gave me pause, and so, these tiny verses represent me barely holding on to my commitments.

Please let me know if you have a favorite thread, and thanks for reading my February batch of haiku.

Artwork from TEACH Magazine, September/October 2014 Issue


  1. Liked them all. Especially,
    “When light is blinding,
    the miraculous darkness
    of a tight, closed lid.”

    Splendid too the Lady of Shallot image. Adore it.

    Take care of yourself. Go slow (as per your many open windows of to-do’s.) and don’t forget to breathe and be kind to yourself. Blessings. Xo

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