The Suffering at Stake

One-woman snowstorm.

Nothing more
like hail or blizzard
or Ice Age.

And nothing less
like squall or flurry
or shake.

Who amongst us has
the hardness to do
whatever it takes?

To seek justice
and refuse to pay
whatever fine is assigned.

To be patient enough
to cause the will of the majority
to break.

To rely on the science
that a snowball
starts with a single flake.

One that rolls beyond the tree line
past the edges of its own timeline
and never taps the brakes.

To be content to grow
with each unpaved
stretch of snow.

To give your life to
something in which you
may never partake.

Change the world
despite frost bite
and the suffering at stake.

ยฉ 2023 | K. Hartless

Written for Twisted Tuesdays…Celebrating and Honoring Women


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