A Risky Surfacing

“Worm Moon” Artist: Liz Darling

A Risky Resurfacing

Saturated March sky,
the waterlogged stars
provide no passage.

A symmetrical grub
wriggles to the surface
of the sodden night.

Drowned by darkness,
the soft worm moon,
a cylindrical cyclops,
takes the night’s first gasp.
Exposed, without protection,
it may well be its last.

© 2023 | K. Hartless

dVerse Poet’s Pub | Quadrille #171: Poetry is a kind of Gasp


    • Thank you kindly, Bill. Such true musings. I think I may have fallen down the pecking order around here the last few months. Ah well, it’s sort of a good thing to be somewhere in the middle, I suppose.

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