The Kindler

In the inky black of night,
for the sake of safety,
the candle tree that promises light,
its single branch left empty,
awaits a Kindler brave, yet small,
to cast its famous fireball breath.
Illuminate the library hall,
and radiate on the gravestones
of histories and dramas long forgotten.

Atop the bumpy candle tree,
the tiny dragon’s blazing blade
casts glowing sanctuary
in the dank, forgotten space
for an eager writer’s pen
to scratch against the frozen page
in search of treasured infamy
or at least partial pardon
from solitary confinement.

So when darkness next descends,
call upon a Kindler, swift and kind,
Write plainly, lest all misapprehend.
Seek a truth that you might find.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


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