How Would You Greet the Crown?

Would you weep for Jesus on a high wheel
pedaling through the walking mall
passed the butcher’s window,
raw meat born again?

Would you believe in resurrection
or tie your shoes on the town wire
if you saw the savior cycle
over cobblestones,
one lone Dorgi
for a faithful companion?

Would you fall to your knees,
pray daily, if he blessed the
gun shop, then the smoke shop
and all the American children
along his route?

How would you greet the crown
if he rode a high wheel through your town?

© 2023 | K.Hartless

Written for February 24th Late Night Poets: Break On Through…Low Brow Art


  1. What an odd image! I love what you did with the verses and how they relate directly to the painting. You ask some valid questions. What would I do? I have no idea.


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