I Made A Sub Cry

The never-ending work week rounds out with,

“Hey teach, I heard you made a sub cry?”

I can’t even make my own kids do that.

I’ve never given a black eye.

But, hey, I’ll take the clout.

I didn’t just make a sub pout,

I made her bawl.

It wasn’t the kids climbing the walls.

Nope. Not the lack of roster,

the rampant disrespect.

Nope, none of that caused her stress.

It was the red-headed reading teacher,

asking her politely

to try and keep her students from

stealing trinkets off my keys.

But, I can say I’m pleased

with the results.

Don’t mess with this lady,

she sure knows how to insult!

Β© 2023 | K.Hartless

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