Towards Fruition

Frances Macdonald MacNair, Spring. 1900-1905

~After Cat Clyde

Spring is shedded skin,
train window blur,
thick blanketed clouds which
white-out winter’s mistakes.

Past tracks forgiven.

Bulbs in warm beds
stir awake without alarm.
The patient propagation
of young seeds by farmers’ arms.

Infant dreams must be fed.

All must transition
from winter’s dead
to the sunny place
interbred between the seasons.

Fast forward towards fruition.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


  1. Really enjoyed the contrasting visuals you wove through each verse and the uplifting ending of spring’s arrival. A heartfelt poem with beautiful descriptions throughout 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me, too. A run with my daughter today reminded me of how things are cyclical but always rolling forwards. Now, she is old enough to keep up. Soon, she will lap me. 💜 And so it goes…


  2. There are so many wonderful lines here. I really love “Infant dreams must be fed” and “Fast forward towards fruition.” A perfect poem for this time of year.


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