Waiting Lights Out

This poem is in response to Songshine’s Flashback Track Friday #106 which asks you to share what you see through one of life’s many windows. Join me in sharing your view.

Mid-February to mid-March, is known as WEXWS-Moon of the Frog. Visit the WSÁNEĆ Leadership Council to learn more.

Waiting Night Out

Sunset in our
living room window,
lights blink out.
I’m the keeper of dying embers.
Our cigarette butt love
bent over once, then stubbed.
Memory stomps the wildest flames,
church-like odor remains.

My eyes follow a fuse
of abandoned Christmas lights
left out by the neighbors.
Damn their laziness,
their neglect.
Damn my own craziness.
Trapped on a log,
long-since dead,
across from my old driveway.
A frog moon
hopping the lily pad stars
over a blackening pond,
willfully waiting lights out.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


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