Spring is Obscene

Mariquita En Flores, 1930  Alfredo Ramos Martinez 

Season of spit,
watery eyes, and
fevered allergies.
Garish colors on
the usually modest trees.
Teenage rebellion and
afternoon wet dreams.
Spring is pierced earth
and golden, pollen jewelry.
Morning birds squawk
with angst and self-pity.
Younger and dumber,
sunspots on bare bark,
bad skin, but new leaves
lack empathy.

Spring talks back,
thistles and thorns,
and unwanted pregnancies.
The wildflowers flaunt
their full petals,
wag their vulgar tongues;
parade their skinny stems
through hairy lawns.
Bend and poke
precociously til dawn.
The garden is a hotbed
of public affection.
Dewy eyes and,
slimy green;
spring is obscene.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


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