Let Me Be Your Ladybug

Love…devotion…adoration…. the same things? “Oh, let me be your ladybug. 24 hours a day I’ll give you love.” Now, that’s romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Yard Sale of Thoughts

Cherish me, a ladybug,
a good luck girl,
landing on your biking leg
feet from the greenest riverbed.

Perched in the crack of
Grandpa’s shed.
The biggest surprise
on a slithering spring day.

Eating my way
through garden pests.
My hard shell
gives the predators hell.

Lift my origami wings,
convertible mobility,
a treasure to an eight-year-old,
redhead, moving within sunlight.

Down from hot tin,
a spiraling stripe descends,
Copperhead, barely out of range.
Girl’s touch, a lucky exchange.

“Joyous Ladies 2” Sarah Cummings

This poem is my response to FBTF #9. Join me in sharing your luckiest experiences.

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