Fibbing Friday~February 11, 2023

Di (aka Pensitivity101) hosts Fibbing Friday, and this week, he asks us to elucidate the definitions of some commonly known terms:

1. Census — It’s a collective sort of seven-deadly-sin event. You know, like an adult slumber party.
2. Probate — I don’t know who ate that thing, but I sure know where it’s been, and I can say with 88% certainty it wasn’t in me.
3. Bayou — I would never presume how much it might cost to bayou, but I did hear you were on the market.
4. Crackerjack — Now this here is a Jack who knows his crackers. He’s had quite a few varieties, if you know what I mean. 😉
5. Chirrup —Oh, this is when you can no longer get in the stirrup, so you need a chirrup.
6. Fermium — With so many elements on the periodic table, it’s easy to forget good ole’ Fermium. Great for those people with soft spots.
7. Surcingle — You know, when Chris Kringle goes on holiday mid-January, he calls in his stunt-double, Mr. Surcingle. Guaranteed to give you what you need if you sit on his lap.
8. Withe — “Withe men say, only fools jump in.” But, they do have lisps, so it’s hard to know what they are saying, really.
9. Gainsay — When you’ve already naysayed everything that’s been asked of you, don’t forget to gainsay if asked again. Basically, it’s like saying what have I got to gain by even considering complying with your request.
10. Titular — Have you ever ridden on a funicular? Yeah, well, this is a much more mounded version of that.


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