For Better or Worse

The Betrothed and the Eiffel Tower by Marc Chagall in 1913

Because we’ve neglected to get better,
we’re far worse than our predecessors.
Time is a tissue, unwound with glee.
wadded in waste
only to discover too late
the rare commodity.
All the uncured disease,
the garden plots of weeds,
Time spent winding strands of hair,
hurling different shaped balls,
painting fingernails,
instead of finding more reusable air.

We fight for a bigger cut,
unhappy with our share.
We press delete
unwilling to discover
what makes our souls complete.

Together we could be a blessing,
but we treat love like a curse;
our vows as humans tested,
for better or worse.

© 2021 | K.Hartless

An old poem reworked for better and hopefully not worse.


  1. It is so true that when we don’t disrupt our habituation to more-ness, we end up in a perpetual striving mode, which leaves little room for love. Love of ourselves and others. Thank you for this one, K. 💜

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  2. Of course. Thank you for reading this one and for your thoughtful connections. Could be that de-evolution was always inevitable, but I am holding out hope that by doing what we can do, we will make the world better.


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