Stolen Cargo

I’ve written something controversial (imagine that) for February 8th’s Late Night Poet’s Art of Seduction Radio Show. I’m even thinking of phoning in later to read it on the air, so if you’re wanting to hear some scintillating verse, you can listen in here. But my sensitive readers, please be cautioned. Some may find this stolen cargo shocking.

Bound and gagged.
Boarding her without permission,
I’m doomed to a life of piracy.
Raiding the narrowest channels.
Plundering jeweled chests.
Ransacking the next slinky city.

Her smile tells me,
“Take more liberties.”
So I steer my galley
towards her knees.
But there’s no peace
beyond the folded skirt line;
no surrender to
the madness or disease.
Beauty is bombardment.
Figures run rackets,
so I smuggle between billowy thighs
ready to perform this Illegal trade
under the sail of her panties.

My attack surprise.
Her cut-throat moans
say they’ll be no surrender.
I’ll soon dance the hempen jig,
take one last swig, and
wipe my cutlass clean.
Leave her embargoed.
Stolen cargo.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


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