Everybody Underestimates It

100 Word Story Prompt

I love the challenge of telling a tale in 100 words or less. This month’s photo image reminded me of a wishing well. If you have a story to tell, please link it in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday!

“Why’s the penny the lucky one?” An unknown voice spoke. An unfamiliar hand pointed to the bottom of the abandoned well.

At the top of a gray tin pile shimmered one goldfish coin. All Demi had to do was open her eyes to realize why something so unique brought her good luck.

“It’s a fiery little Lincoln,” Demi teased, passing her lips close to the stranger’s lobe.

At first glance, he was no knight in shining armor. Coppery hair. Brown equine eyes. Muscular frame. More a faithful steed, but she knew she was ready.

“Everybody underestimates it,” Demi said. “That’s how come.”


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