Petite Pen~January 23, 2023

Better late than never. It’s what they say, but is it what they mean? I was inspired by the featured image entitled “Sad Girl with a Rose” to pen some brevity, 60 words or less. If you have thoughts on the old saying or the image, please join me in writing a response. If you share it on your own page, please be sure to ping it back here and label it #PetitePen for all to enjoy.

Happy Tuesday!

The bloom of something new
is painless,
petals to be admired, plucked,
placed on a lover’s bed.
It’s when dormancy is destroyed,
the long-rested rhizome split.
It’s when light penetrates
a stubborn shell,
and the seedling within sprouts,
all that is within
rising to an unknown surface.
How intimidating,
the imbibition of life,
the catapulted view.
That’s when it hurts.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


  1. forgive me: I thought you’d made a mistake with ‘imbibition’ but I looked it up; it really is a word — though auto-correct doesn’t think so 🙂 How did you come across that? great imagery, both verbal and visual —

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  2. rising toward the light
    a darkness-impaired catacomb
    a lust for lingering among
    the last vestiges of love, and of hope
    and of you
    my one and only truth

    I forgot what the word count was, so hope I didn’t go over. It’s always a treat to be here, to read you, and to write with you. Happy weekend, K. 💜


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