Petite Pen~January 17, 2023

In the winter months, I have to look deep within to find a spark. This week, I discovered a Rainbow Brevity invitation on AllPoetry and liked what I created enough to share it here. If you’re inspired by the artwork, please join me in penning some brevity, 25 words or less. If you post to your own page, be sure to ping it back here, and tag it #petitepen.

Happy Tuesday!


Cornucopia eyebrows,
the color of wheat and barley,
frame her black hole eyes.
Two pigment-less portals
scatter the universe
absorbing in return,
my first rainbow.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


  1. Hi K.
    Your poem is an experience of what you found out about yourself. How unusual is that. I have never heard of that. This poem for me is just what I see. No reflection on your experience.

    This is for me is an Eye with dark depth.

    Eye deep and dark.

    A harvest above the Eye
    Arched and ripe
    Eye void of care
    A dark hole in the night
    Ringed in yellow turquoise
    A stare!

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  2. That’s a fantastic poem. Loved the feel of it, and creating a rainbow, yes, please. Here’s my contribution.

    eyes of sight
    are feather kind, and are made of loved-
    ordinariness by design

    a plentitude of darkness

    the magic of light in-kind

    Happy weekend, K. 💜


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