Petite Pen~January 10, 2023

Today’s petite pen is inspired by an uncomfortable painting by Monica Rohan, which depicts the effects of anxiety and depression. If you are inspired to write, join me in penning some brevity, 40 words or less, to accompany this painting. If you post to your own blog, be sure to ping the page back here and tag it #petitepen so that everyone can enjoy your artistry.

Happy Tuesday!

She sobered up
floating through
her feathery feelings.
Twist and turns,
but she couldn’t discern the
tingly meanings.

Penny loafers,
bleached coral reefs,
scuffed floor and ceiling.
A camouflaged skirt,
the minnow is lost
in a shark’s shady dealings.

After he fed, he left her
in his seaweed bed,
sore and bleeding.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


  1. I couldn’t resist the fun

    44 words….

    Rosie pink leaves,
    camouflaged me in vast fields,
    where I dream in color.
    Rooted in red,
    my shoes tapped a beat
    as I woke
    rested and rejuvenated.
    Climbing the green bean-stock
    of liquid chlorophyll, eating peas,
    I’ve a new lease on life, getting juiced.


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  2. draped as if
    filming starts: even in despair
    women trained to consider
    how they present first

    I hope I am not offending anyone with this; it just so happens that my attention often these days is drawn to the difference man – as being in the world – and women – as being attractive – present.

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    • Hi Barbara, I love the contrast you highlight. I don’t find this offensive in the least. Thank you so much for writing alongside me and adding to the conversation through your well-selected words. I am honored to have your words posted on my page.

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  3. Hi K . An interesting picture. Here is what came to mind in 39 words.

    Escaping the dream
    She found instead
    The leaves , green and pink
    A plastic scratchy type
    No strong brown trunk in sight.
    Where was the real?

    That certain smell, that touch , that warmth!
    It came with love
    Not too late.

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    • Sandy, the colors you capture are phenomenal. I love the line “Where was the real?” I think that captures the surreal painting and the feeling of disconnect that happens to many people. Terrific brevity. I’m so happy to have you writing alongside me Tuesdays. I need to figure out a better way to highlight everyone’s awesome responses. Thanks for adding your voice here. Cheers!


  4. hiding in the dark, and
    in the open
    front and center, life’s poison
    through salty veins

    a mix
    of leaves, debris, and nay, they
    can be forgotten, yet
    it continues to haunt me
    in the land
    of the begotten

    Loved your poem, K. A tough subject too, yet one that is important to talk about. Happy weekend. 💜

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    • This bit of brevity is chilling and leaves that tickle on the spine. Love the line breaks, which almost lend a double meaning in this one. Your poetry pulls out those fantasy elements for this one as well. I adore it. I’m so lucky to have you writing alongside me. 💜

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