The Boldest Wins

“Con la mente en el cielo y los pies en el suelo” Surreal Chess Painting – Gastón Charó, 2020

Black and white,
checkerboard trends;
colors take turns
but that’s where cordiality ends.

Bold Knight,
sanctimonious Bishop,
quick-witted Queen;
independent beings
curtailed by Kings.

Pawns sacrifice;
Castles defend;
pieces preach to us
of bravery,
quick ends,
lasting defeat,
decoy and deceit;
the boldest wins.

© 2023 | K.Hartless

d’Verse Poet’s Pub | Q44 #167: BOLD-ly Go.

44 words exactly using “bold”


  1. I really like this one, K. And that surrealist chess game painting, too!

    I also thought of Death and the Knight playing chess in The Seventh Seal. (The only scene I really remember from the movie.)


  2. K.Hartless’ Quadrille is a masterful blend of surreal imagery and chess metaphor, painting a vivid picture of the cutthroat world of the game. The ‘bold Knight’ and ‘quick-witted Queen’ leap off the page, while the ‘pawns sacrifice’ and ‘pieces preach to us of bravery, quick ends, lasting defeat, decoy and deceit’ serves as a poignant reminder of the harsh realities of life. A truly impressive piece.

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  3. Me and one of my grandchildren. We play Chess daily. I believe chess is like life. We must know seven moves forward to succeed. I did enjoy the poetry dear K. Hartless.


  4. It is kind of sad that so many games are like war, where one wins at the expense of the other. There are some board games I’ve played with my adult children that are called “cooperative,” where all of us work together to defeat a common “enemy” of some kind. One of the games is called “Pandemic” where you try to find a cure.


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