Honor Your Own

Melissa Young

Her physique,

a severe centerpiece,

a runaway bride with

cake dress snowbanks wide,

but in the apogee of clouds

she’s micro,

a cold, cold moon,

lone wolf in the sky,

a pyscho

no one knows,

jilted lover

poised to explode.

So we opt to tiptoe,

cling to our own,

wait for thicker shadow

to gossip and sip,

search for glass slippers

near her footprints.

But mostly we just

try and forget

the outsider’s existence.

© 2023 | K.Hartless


      • Let’s say I said something about it in my speech at my daughter who just got married’s wedding. It didn’t go over well, but she did say a.k.a. the runner bride and her speech and we both got lots of laughs so it could’ve been too bad 😂🙈😱


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