January Flurries

Ode to Paperwork, 9 x 12 Ink and Watercolor
Copyright 2011 Hannah C. Heyer

I start the year off at too quick a pace. Tap dance afternoons, evening basketball games. Classes to prep and mint chocolate chip birthday cupcakes. And even though the forecast is a record high heatwave, I see the flurries. The paperwork, the taxes, the worries. The over-commitments, and the avalanche of weekly burdens.

Thursday nights I’ve registered for a class on dialogue, which is meant to loosen my characters’ tongues. They say I’m the lucky one just to get in, but in the weekly ladder, it’s just a higher wrung. Twice a week, I’ve joined a group to exercise at the Y. They say, it’s important to manage the waistline. I realize my desires are more plentiful than my time.

I’m not concentrated on winning 2023, I’m okay with staying in the pack, but I’m afraid I’ll have to quit a few things just to not fall towards the back.

January flurries. They hit the stomach first. The reintroduction of routine. The desire to be something of worth. The realization that what I’ve manifested is more indigestion. Butterflies? Eternal optimism? The training I’ve internalized that if I can just close my eyes, see my goals, the whole twelve months will be over in time. Relief.

Dry January

Blinding blizzard of worries

The new year’s scary

 d’Verse Poet’s Pub | Haibun Monday | hosted by kim881. Chime in on your new year plans.


  1. I used to get overwhelmed too. The flurries is a great metaphor for that. Nowadays I take it easy, I learned that the hard way haha. Happy New Year, K. and an advice from an ex-worrier– Take it easy.

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  2. January flurries sums up this time of year so well! I have tried to start the year slowly but it’s already taking over – and I’m retired! It’s nice to see that you’re busy, though. Tap dancing and mint chocolate chip birthday cupcakes – what a combination! And I agree, the new year is scary.

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    • Thanks, Kim. Yes, it’s truly day by day, and each one is a new adventure. I am grateful for the busy calendar, though, and the chance to live a life of significance with my children and students. Thanks for hosting. Cheers!

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    • Thank you, Colleen. I needed that, and I do hope so. As soon as I returned from school today, I took a power nap. I needed it. My students were equally exhausted. We had some good laughs, though, as we talked about our breaks, and how to make this new year meaningful.

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  3. This is incredibly deep and poignant. I relate with January flurries. Sometimes we need to pace ourselves and trust that we are capable of dealing with daily tasks and commitments. Happy New Year! You rock! 💘💘

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    • Thank you, Sana. These comments have been super encouraging. I was nervous being back in my classroom today, but it went really well. And the truth is, I missed my students. 💜


    • Wise advise, Sandy. I do hope this will be possible. On some levels, I really don’t love vacuuming, yet night after night, I find myself keeping the main floor clean. 😉 But, no, there are things I can learn to say no to.

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    • Thank you, Mish. I know it won’t always be like this, two small children, tons of students. But in a way, I want to soak up every minute with them. They inspire me as much as they tire me. 😂


  4. Really enjoyed this “Ode to New Year Beginnings” So much to do and only 24 hours in a day!! It sounds like you are taking those flurries on “by storm” I just mean, you sound well poised to begin anew:) Good luck Kate in the new year:)


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