Haiku Fever

Happy New Year, dear readers. I’ve spent the last two weeks nursing my daughter through the flu only to succumb to the same virus. We’ve had fevers and phlegm amidt the fa-la-la’s.

Luckily, we begin the new year healthy, happy and excited for what 2023 has in store. Here is a collection of some of my favorite haiku. It’s good to know haiku happens even through the fevers.

Thank you for following my blog in 2022. Blessing to each of you in 2023!

 Stella Bellow

Typeface failure for the next one, but still a lovely micropoem.


    • Thank you, Layla. I’m so happy to be on the mend just in time to return to my regular work schedule. 😂 Such is life. I’m so glad you enjoyed this month’s crop of haiku. Cheers to new beginnings in the new year! 💜

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    • Thank you, Ali. We were blessed with the time to rest and rejuvenate. Now, it’s back to life as usual, but with all our hopes and ambitions for the new year to keep us warm. Haiku is one of my favorite habits, and I will be doing my best not to give it up in 2023. Cheers to you!

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    • True, indeed. Is it possible we just go off adrenaline, and then the moment we set down to rest, our bodies say hey, we’ve been harboring all this and now you can finally process it? Ah well, it was still a lovely break filled with just as much snuggling as runny noses.

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    • Thank you, Carolyn. I hope I can keep the fever for the year, although I’m super happy to have the household fever free. Cheers to 2023, friend. May it bring love, prosperity, and above all, clarity to us both. 💜


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