Raccoons are Avid Readers

Shh, don’t tell anybody, but raccoons truly are avid readers, and you can read all about it in the latest collection of words and imagery by Andrea the Children’s Illustrator entitled, “Creative Gems Volume 2″ which features my poem about these reading rascals alongside other charming stories and verse. If you enjoy this mischievous verse, please consider purchasing the volume for the young, or young at heart in your world. A huge thank you to Andrea Benko for including me in her latest collaboration.

May we never grow too old to enjoy the world of pure imagination.

Andrea Benko

Raccoons are Avid Readers

What’s the raccoon doing late at night?
Foraging the forest in the full moon light?
Looking for trash to rummage in delight?
No, he’s sprawled on fields of green
Reading by starlight.

The raccoon is the bandit of abandoned books.
He picks the nursery trash and dusty library nooks.
An opportunistic storybook crook.
But if you ask, he’ll tell you
It’s the pictures got him hooked.

Even when there’s fresh walnuts to dine,
It’s not raccoon’s favorite part of nighttime.
That comes when he cracks a brand new spine.
The moon is his flashlight
And oh how it shines.

Please visit this link to purchase the collection and finish reading my very first Creative Gem.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

This book will take you on a new adventure with every story.
Organize a party with your shark friends.
Relive the Fall days.
Fly away to space .
Visit a fortune teller.
Find out how pizza is born.
And many more stories!
Accompanied with fun and colorful illustrations this book is perfect for anyone of any age!


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