The Unsolved Christmas

When I was eight years old, I received a Rubik’s Cube for Christmas. I can admit, I never solved the thing, though I often wondered about what magical happenings might occur should I ever make that final turn and align perfectly all of its six faces. Perhaps a portal to another dimension? A hidden confetti-filled prize? A curse unleashed like Pandora’s box?

I’m pleased to announce that my poem on such happenings was published a few days back at Visual Verse. I hope you’ll be inspired to visit their website and view my poem, as well as many other wonderful takes on this month’s image.

Happy Holidays!

One Square at a Time


  1. I like poems about children playing with toys or puzzles. I’ve only written one, ‘The Magic Robot’; this poem works well; someday I would like to compile a collection of such poems and submit to a publisher; I did it successively with ‘First Love’ pieces but they were short stories —


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