Petite Pen~December 13, 2022

It can’t possibly be just Tuesday. This week. Brutal, full blown blinding energy required to make it to a safe landing on Friday. The news puts it into perspective, though. I’ve been reading about the power outages in Ukraine and lack of generators. Many talked of survival, but caution that it won’t look pretty. Talk about a brutal forecast. Makes my week look mild in comparison.

If you’re feeling the force of this holiday season, please join me in penning 50 words or less. My brevity is paired with the painting ‘Caught in a Blizzard’ by Edward Adrian Wilson (1872-1912). If you post a piece to your own site, please ping it back here so we can all enjoy the avalanche.

Happy Tuesday!

Snow is no one’s savior.
Milky weather makes our
landmarks gray blurs.
White-out splatters
the bombed streets,
but can’t cloak retreat;
camouflage violence;
brighten a heavy defeat.

We’ve waited to buy the
generator too late,
and now we’ll have to burn
all the furniture in the place
to survive our mistake.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. A snow-filled drought
    reigns me in
    the stillness, and temptation
    coincides with him
    a double entendre, and mask
    worn thin
    my place is here, and is now
    the sacred space within

    It’s good to read you, to be here, and to write with you, K. Happy holidays to you, and your family. 💜

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