Winter Arrives

Iroquois Legend

Winter Arrives

Winter arrives at party’s end,
dressed indecent,
peppermint conceals
a lingering whisky scent.
His eyes, starlit candies,
his gaze, a lake effect.
“Bottoms up!” he cries.
We shovel shots,
wait for afterglow,
but it tingles
‘neath the mistletoe.
Who he’ll kiss,
we don’t know.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

dVerse Poet’s Pub | Quadrille # 166 – I Like Candy

44 words including a sweet


    • Many thanks, Dora. I think the winter always shocks me, not just in its starkness but also in its brutality on all those experiencing it. I really love that tune, so I’m glad you also enjoyed it. 💜


    • Oh, thank you, Mish. I appreciate these thoughtful comments. Those candies. The second I spot them in a candy dish, all the Christmas memories flood back. Happy holidays to you.


  1. Love it, K. Your photo choice was very appropriate.
    This was just plain fun to read, sorta been there done that.
    Except for dress, it just depends on what indecent means.

    Liked by 1 person

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