Is It Better Now?

Jonathan Wolstenholme ‘Books on Books’ 2003

I will query my manuscript in the fall of 2022.

I will query my manuscript in the winter of 2022.

I will query my manuscript in the spring of 2023.

I will query my book in the summer of 2023. Yes, this sounds doable.

For all those long-time followers, you know that when I started this blog, I had ambitions to be a novelist. With the help of many writing friends and the two fearless editors that host Six Month Novel, I managed to draft and revise my first full-length manuscript, Fascination. After the second draft was complete, I had a few beta-readers give it a go, and I also sent the manuscript to a trusted editor friend. Now I have a mountain of feedback and comments, which I politely put aside for a few months, but now feel I am ready to revisit with rested eyes.

I’m glad I took this break from the project. I now have insight, direction, and clear perspective on where the story is headed. After this draft, I am planning to send my fledgling novel out into the world with some lovely sentence ribbons in the form of a query letter and a big, bright bow of a synopsis to see what some agents make of it.

Meanwhile, I have to be honest. I’ve been courting a new novel idea. Shhh, don’t tell the current one, as I’d hate for her to think I’m up to no good when I’m only tinkering with a few world building ideas.

Anyways, any advice that you might have to help me stay the course and complete this project would be greatly appreciated. And if you don’t see me quite so often from now until the thaw, please know that I am hammering at my full-length creation.

Cheers to the process,



  1. Good on you for keeping it on the backburner & revisiting it with fresh eyes πŸ™‚ That always seems the most daunting step for me. ❀
    My two cents on finishing a project – it's easier to keep your goals small but doable, and make sure you honour your own schedule. Very tempting to keep "putting it off" once you miss a personal target & let time slip by.

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