Petite Pen~December 6, 2022

Is it too early to mourn the year? The things undone? The things we plan to leave behind? I think I’m ready to let 2022 go. And if this week’s artwork, brevity or music inspires, please join me in penning something, 50 words or less, to this week’s theme. If you post to your website, please ping me back here so I can be sure to enjoy your creation.

Happy Tuesday!

Jacques Joseph Tissot “October” 

A Farewell Poem

The final prayers said,
the young mourner
wanting no more to think
of black and white,
death and life,
heads below sprightly leaves,
ones dangling somewhere in between,
colorful funeral arrangements
for the day’s dearly departed.
And below a honeyed canopy,
the weeper will sit to write
her farewell poem,
in her heart knowing
mother would approve.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. Wonderful poem, K. Here’s mine.

    autumn colors
    the leaves of ravens

    inspiring brushstrokes –

    a mark, and a haven
    plentitude, peace, and virtue

    align, and combine
    making this
    the story of our lives

    Always delightful. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • You make even the season’s decay something divine. A final calm, your words are as always so reassuring. Thank you for penning this. Here’s to continuing to capture the magic of the season. 💜💜


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