Petite Pen~November 29, 2022

Is it not an overwhelming time of year? I am feeling that way, and so I was pleased at the end of another busy circle of time to find Mistikal DiJi’s music, and the energy to craft a few words. If you feel inspired by my verse, join me in penning some brevity, 100 words or less, that describe the awe you feel when you hear music made on any instrument. If you post to your own page, please ping me back here, so all can enjoy.

Happy Tuesday!

Didgeridoo in my chest
leaks a constant murmur.
I am somewhere between loving myself
and all of you,
wonderful these two
are possible together.

Above the black cat tail trees
the magenta moon,
heart pulled from chest,
a city without rest.
I lost all thoughts playing peekaboo
behind the fringe of her skyline.

She had charisma,
which reminded me I had lost mine.
And when we kissed,
her conical-shaped lips,
two overripe plums
aged to red wine.

Β© 2022 | K.Hartless



  1. I look for you
    in the notes, and sounds

    honey, profound

    a secret lullaby
    washing over my mind

    letting limbs of the dead
    and old

    come alive

    with a misty hello
    I remember

    it is night

    almost time to say

    A lovely poem, yours. I hope you are well, and have a lovely weekend, K. πŸ’œ

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    • Oh, those reborn wooden limbs, what a magical reimagining. Your juxtaposition (yeah I teacher went there) is fantastic here. I love the drip of your words and concepts. They read almost like notes on a score. Beautiful. Thabj you so much for writing alongside me. I very much look forward to it. πŸ’œ

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