Factory Days

(Untitled) New York,, ca. 1931
Edward Bruce

Smokestack clouds,
these are the factory days.
We’re in and out.
Our brains assembly lines,
exhausted by monotony.

Damp conditions–
boiler sun explodes.
Emotional shutdown.
Death from daybreak on a
broken drive belt road.

Fall is for the working class.
Leaves like graduation caps,
worn once then tossed away.
On the shop floor,
no keepsakes.

Prepare the soul
for low lighting days.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. I’ve been there, low under endless grey clouds, the grim monotony of sameness; where is the spark of exhilaration? the leaves like graduation caps worn once and tossed away’ is a brilliant image 🙂

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