A Matter of Reputation

Susanna and the Elders c. 1621-1622 
Anthony van Dyck, viewed in 2021

Peering over your shoulder,
tapping above a red scarlet sheet,
nothing beneath,
the old man and his son
wait to see the goods.

Milky white
barefoot rocks
and garden hair
twining vines,
shut-off fountain fears the flow,
broken porcelain bird bath bowl,
reputation soiled.

Not every fertile ground
wants seed.
A warm statue
for men to view,
unchaperoned in the park;
enemies by day;
allies by dark.

Β© 2021 | K.Hartless


    • Thank you, Tom. It was written last year when I visited the Alte Pinakothek. It came to mind and so I posted it. When I viewed this painting, I wondered, how long has this sort of thing been standard?

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