Petite Pen~November 15, 2022

Is it normal to be envious of the clouds? This mother thinks so. Especially when long winter days loom ahead. If you feel inspired by Peruvian artist, Jose De La Barra’s vivid work, please join me in penning some brevity, 50 words or less, perhaps on your own personal breakthrough.

Happy Tuesday!

“Break on Through’ Jose De La Barra

No Matter the Season

No matter the season,
untanned clouds sunbathe on high,
mounded nudes,
pale flesh against a blue terry cloth sky.

And like the soft indent of petals
searching for a stream,
no wind or rain or thunderstorm
dare disturb their fertile dreams.

For the bearers of all life
lie still,

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. Beautiful writing. I was delighted to enjoy your verses and it brings to my memory the image of the sleeping beauty in Tingo Maria, Peru.
    I do not know if you heard of it or in any case you can find it by Google and see photos or videos of it.

    Fraternal greetings from afar.

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    • Thank you, kindly for reading my poem and connecting with me. I look forward into discovering more about Tingo Maria. Many thanks for the recommendation. Rainy day research is my favorite. Warm regards, K.

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      • And if you knew about the rains falling on sleeping beauty in Tingo Maria, you would be enchanted by the place. And if you feel any curiosity I can tell you that almost three hours away from the sleeping beauty is the Pillko Mozo, constantly observing her. Here I was able to find a summary of the legend.

        Legend has it that a young man named Cunyag fell madly in love with the beautiful princess Pillco Huayta, who was the daughter of the valiant curaca Achapuri Inquil Tupac.

        Their love for each other was so intense that they ended up loving each other, despite their social differences. But when the father found out about this relationship, he became so angry that he forbade this love. The young people resisted the idea and fled to Nunash and sought refuge.

        When Achaupuri found out, he decided to go for them, forming a great army, when Cunyag, found out what was happening, he instructed Pillco Huayta to flee and to give notice to the Chupaychos, while he and his people would resist him.

        Great was the surprise of Cunyang, when seeing that the army of the curaca was commanded by the Amaru (winged serpent). When Cunyang saw what was happening, he fled desperately to his village, but Amaru flew immediately and turned him into stone. And while he was contemplating his people from the heights of Marabamba, he felt that slowly his body was transformed into stone, when he felt this, he shouted with all his strength so that Pillco fled into the jungle.

        The Amaru, turned his face towards the jungle, rose in light flight and when he found the princess on the banks of a mighty river, he sentenced her to become an enormous mountain.

        Today, we can appreciate these two figures in eternal rest: Pillco Mozo, in Huanuco and Pillco Huayta (Sleeping Beauty), in Tingo Maria.

        Fraternal greetings.


  2. These were beautiful verses, K! Especially:
    ‘And like the soft indent of petals
    searching for a stream,
    no wind or rain or thunderstorm
    dare disturb their fertile dreams.’ – wonderful enchanting poetry here. ❤

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  3. Wonderful writing, K. Here’s my weekly contribution.

    I lay in wait
    calming my spirit, and mind

    seeds unadorned
    spend time
    securely in my heart


    from callous hands
    dripping with fever tense
    and moist

    with tears remorse

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