We’ve Learned to Settle

We’ve learned to settle–
two woodpeckers sharing
a pine tree,
skin, thick corn husks,
lunar halos out of touch.

We no longer kill
crickets on our doorsteps.
Fog as prompter,
winter waits in the wings,
trilling flag,
ready to take center stage,
operatically sing.

d’Verse Poet’s Pub | Quadrille #164: Winging It 

44 words using ‘wing’

I will be swooping around after my night class to be everyone’s wingwoman.


  1. We don’t get many poems about woodpeckers – I love it, especially the shift from birds to the alliterative ‘winter waits in the wings’ and the dramatic ending. I’ve never seen two together, let alone on a tree!


    • Thank you, Tom. 💜 It’s a bit of folk wisdom to watch for two peckers having at the same tree, and I saw that this week, as well the crickets heading in. Could be we have deep snows ahead. I know two littles with sleds that hope so.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jane. I heard lots of folk wisdom growing up predicting hard winters, including the woodpeckers and the hard corn husks, and the abundance of crickets trying to enter the home. There’s a bit of truth in each of these images, and I tried to capture that.


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