Petite Pen~November 8th, 2022

A piece of artwork or a poem is as much about what is there as what is missing. Negative space–we are defined by it as much as we are by what remains. If you are inspired by the white spaces around you, please join me in penning some brevity, 30 words or less to accompany this artwork by Suzanne VanBebber, an incredible artist who is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine.

Happy Tuesday!

Negative Space

Erase the sky
The face of youth
Morning’s heartfelt try

Erase the cliff
Giant teen ego
Crinkled spiff

Erase the profile
Midlife online persona
Clicked hall file

Erase the garden
Bruised, fuzzy autumn
Weeds suburban

After a lifetime of erasures,
we are blended beasts,
unrecognizable and ready for delete.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. You’re poem is lovely. The end is perfect. Here is this weeks contribution.

    I dream
    of the space
    in between you
    and me

    a serendipitous feeling

    unseen majesty
    of calm and quiet progress

    we pay attention
    and notice

    Have a wonderful week, K. 💜

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    • I love the mountains formed by your words and how you cross them with only a few steps of faith. Your write is a trek of hope and one that inspires others. Thank you so much, Jeff, for writing with me. I’m honored to have your words here. 💜

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      • Oh, thank you always, K. Your kindness, and resonance with me and my poetry means a great deal to me. Writing with you is an honor I look forward to each week. 💜


  2. Loved the steady progression of aging personas you described here – very true how our priorities change and what we choose to hold onto / remove from social media. 🙂 Beautifully written, K! ❤

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  3. What an interesting poem K. Here is another look at that lovely choice of painting.

    The colours of sunrise
    Wrap close around you
    Pick that flower from the valley
    Let its beauty fill you
    The sun will soon full your day.

    Have a colou filled day K.

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