The Puddlers

When water becomes the greatest commodity of humankind, the Puddler emerges as a super hero, seeking out moisture at all costs. But when faced with conflict of a more personal nature, an old Puddler must choose between his altruistic motives or his need for revenge.

I’m thrilled to share with all of you that my short story “The Puddlers” was published in Chamber Magazine, where so many strange, beautiful, and dark things reside.

I hope I’ve wetted your appetite for this tale, and that you will kindly visit Chamber Magazine to read my latest published short.

A huge thank you to editor Phil Slattery for connecting with the dark in this piece and helping it to see the light of day.

Happy Hunting!


    • Thank you, Tom. I loved this ghostbusteresque idea of the Puddlers and this nostalgic society barely hanging on. I appreciate your feedback, and I agree that drought is a reality for many, not just an apocalyptic nightmare. Happy Friday!

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  1. Yes, indeed. I am thinking of having to buy my vacuum to suck up my perspiration today; it’s unseasonably warm here. I’m so glad the story has high suspense. Thank you so much for reading it and commenting here. I really appreciate it.


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