Forgetting is a Funeral

Brain Funeral Paolo Paptino

Forgetting is a funeral

inside the brain,

one that’s low attended,

flowers heartlessly arranged.

Creak of hearse-like book cart,

spines swiftly disintegrating.

Seats set in empty rows,

crippled cortical columns,

a great uncle with no name

drops a never-blossomed rose.

The sermon brief and rote,

illegible notes,

a procession of lost memory,

synapsis and stuttering,

whispers of things learned

lowered in the ground.

A funeral in my brain,

but the tombstone can’t be found,

which leads me to worry

how many ideas lie unmarked underground,

damned and doomed

in the cemetery of my creativity.

The itch to dig deeper

till each idea is exhumed.

© 2022 | K.Hartless



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