Petite Pen~October 25, 2022

Soon it will be dark when I leave work, and I will enjoy the shadow play of winter time on my way home and maybe even in the mornings. This painting was posted on an AllPoetry contest and was too good to pass on.

“Night Shadows.” You know, when everything is bare and exposed. So, if you are ready for these open wintertime moments, please join me in penning 30 Words or less to this painting by Italian artist, Massimiliano Ligabue.

Happy Tuesday!

Massimiliano Ligabue “Night Shadows”


Rooted by the slow-moving Seine

Winter branches lamplit 

Cracks on ancient pavement

Brokenness seeking connection

Pins and needles affection

 Neverending, nerve-endings

 Illuminated design

the long-lusted blend of

bodies and minds.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. A play of shadows
    the winter calls them away
    enfolds me
    I caress your fingertips
    and realize
    it’s the limbs of loss I seek

    Another wonderful experience writing with you, K. Always a highlight of my Tuesday. 💜

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    • You capture the ache of the moment. The phantom limbs of the past. The delicate touch of fingertips. It may be my favorite of your petite pen’s yet. Thank you for writing this. I do hope you’re able to share it with even more readers in the future. 💜😊

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  2. Your painting and poem are special. Here is my thinking.
    Longe shadows
    Time stops in your presence
    no past , no future
    It is you with the trees
    Mixed but seperate
    A moment together
    Lighted by a light forever ours.

    I enjoyed writing this. Thanks for the opportunity. Sandy

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