Petite Pen~October 18, 2022

Gosh, today’s petite pen may seem doom and gloom, but I ultimately think it’s carries a message of stoic survival. If the artwork by Suzanne VanBebber speaks to you of the season, please join me in penning 50 words or less on this transformation.

Happy Tuesday!


The feathery fields of fall
will soon be shed,
and the molting forests
wrists slashed open–
tested, then bled.
The only survivor
to this horror scene is
the stoic rocky crag,
which sits above
in drapes of white
while the rest of life
must bundle up,
huddle together,
and beg.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. rock, pillar, stone
    walks alone, we are
    fits of survival
    a base instincts nest
    of less, guided
    by threads of transformation

    Writing with you always makes me smile. As always, I love the rhythm, rhyme, and disruptive potential in your petite pen. Happy Tuesday, K. 💜

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    • Love the harshness of this one and how it speaks to me of thread-bare survival that isn’t pretty but does work. I’m really looking forward to Tuesdays more and more and having the chance to write alongside you. Thank you, Jeff. 💜

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      • I’m delighted you got the paradox in this one of harshness, yet workable. Lovely. You’re most welcome, K; and thank you, I too look forward to writing with you. Every week. 💜


  2. Lovely poem. Vibrant and brutal . Here is my try:
    The gift of the molting forests and shedding fields is rotting and warm.
    Seeds nestle down into their gifted extravagant beds.
    That stoic rocky crag may soon have his head covered with a hat.
    Just a thought. I am happy to learn. Sandy🙂

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