Petite Pen~October 11, 2022

Massimiliano Ligabue‘s painting “Saturday Night” reminded me of all the mini-lectures I would receive from my parents before a night out, and so I crafted a bit of brevity for an AllPoetry contest to accompany it. If you can imagine what this waiting woman’s thinking about, please join me in crafting a petite pen, 30 words or less. I’d love to know where you think her mind has gone.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday Night Out

“Keep you legs crossed,”
mother scolded,
dishtowel on her shoulder,
arms folded.
But what’s a skirt without a breeze?
Impatiently, she waited for his knock,
red skirt pressed,
knees locked.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


    • Your piece has such sensitivity, a pensive moment. I love your use of the mirror. Do hope the allergies are only fictional, as I know they can really put you in a fog. I get mine whenever I move to a new city for the first few seasons. I’m so lucky to have you write alongside me. Thank you for lending your talented pen to these petite posts. 💜

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      • Oh, thank you so much, K. That is supposed to read, allegories. I’m laughing so hard, and at the same time, am so thankful to know you, as your kindness is so very appreciated. I do not have allergies today, yet did at one time, and they can be quite nasty. It’s always my pleasure to write alongside you, each week, a joyful moment for me. 💜

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  1. Great post, K. Love the painting. This is what came to my mind.💕

    Memories linger today,
    they come to visit and to play.
    make me wish those old times could stay,
    cross my legs then walk away,
    hope inner thoughts could be displayed . 💕

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  2. Lovely accompanying verses to an intriguing painting, K! Here’s my 2 cents:
    She eagerly awaits her gallant knight,
    to rescue her from her parents’ spite,
    to lead her into an enchanting night
    and with their passion, the stars ignite. ❤

    Thanks for sharing the challenge 🙂

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