Flashback Track #87

Late-night flashbacks are the best. Wouldn’t you agree? This one will definitely take you back….Listen in with me.

Songshine Sounds

It’s never too late for a flashback. I’m pretty sure someone forgot about this week’s track, but never fear, I’m here to save the day.

Welcome to late-night Flashback Track Friday. Each week, one of us will present to you a song, and if not, I’ll swoop in to save the day and present a late-night track, but either way, we will prompt our listeners with a question.

This week we travel to 1996, where an American alternative rock band called Better Than Ezra released a little album called “Friction, Baby” which got teenagers all across the country singing at the top of their lungs. Well, that’s before they formed a headbanger mosh pit.

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