Ghost Mind

Woodblock print,  Hyaku MonogatariOne Hundred Ghost Stories,1830

Ghost mind, ghost mind
Wake up with a white spot of time
Hours you walked the corridors
Colorless and blind.

Towel hangs on the lampshade,
A Halloween design
You’ve got your waxy wallet
But your keys you’ll have to find.

The bleached sheets act all innocent,
Wrinkled by design,
Floating off a memory
Clear liquor and moonshine.

Ghost mind, ghost mind
Wake up to the baby cryin’
Alabaster from your fears
And shrieks undefined.

Where were you last night
When your thoughts became outlines?
The morning’s hollow honeycombs
Are pale venetian blinds.

Curl against me chalky,
Scared, and sand-blind.
Speak to me through frosted lips
Of last night’s hauntings
And your shadowy ghost mind.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


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