Philomone the Gnome

Due to poor performance reports, Philomone the Gnome was assigned the worst task in the entire forest brigade: Guardian of the Fungi. 

His humdrum mission was to caretake the local mushroom varieties and keep them pest-free until the council deemed it was time for their harvest, whenever that might be.

And so, Philomone spent his days dawdling between clusters, occasionally shooing a stray doe or pausing to relocate a wandering caterpillar. As expected, Philomone grew complacent. Who could blame him? For truly, as a garden gnome, could he sink any lower?

Yawning, Philomone decided then and there, that yes, he could most definitely sink lower. Contentedly, he slid below his favorite batch of honey agaric and with a few flutters of his eyelids found himself in restful peace.

Only after Philomone settled into a sloppy snore did Boscovin, the notoriously nasty garden slug, slink down onto the widest cap from a nearby fallen limb. Patience was his greatest virtue, and besides, it would be a shame to let such luscious truffles go to waste.

Β© 2022 | K.Hartless


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