All Youth Is Dead

I had the privilege to write alongside some very talented, young writers this week as together we tackled the prompt of a character winning something or being given something unwanted. I think some of their ideas outshone my own by far, but I decided to share my creation about a young apple tree.

Happy Wednesday!

Red apple on branch of tree by Matthias Hauser 

All Youth Is Dead

The heavy limb bent from its load,

an undesired bulge of burgundy

dangling out of grasp.

The sapling had spent several summers

in the orchard alley

changing from sprout to maturity.

Breezes turned to freezes.

It had known several of those,

but never this heaviness.

Worst yet, the swell would surely spread.

First one, then many.

Followed by the hands plucking, and

forest creatures nibbling.

Oh, the dread!

Pink blossom of betrayal

which shed its petals to make way for

fated fullness never intended.

And with that, all youth is dead.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


    • Thank you, John. It got me going to think of unwanted fruit and in relation to current events here and my young female students, it all sort of blended, so I’m glad it got somewhere in the end. 😁

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  1. This was a beautiful piece, K! Some poignant parallels with current events: the onset of maturity and all the unwanted attention from strangers, especially with the loss of innocence and agency over their own bodies. Very powerful interpretation you’ve given here ❤

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